There is a scene in the NFTS animation FishWitch involving two fishermen puppets and their boat. I was tasked with designing and making this boat, which needed to have an Inuit texture and finish but a more Western shape.  I sculpted the main body of the boat from blue styrofoam with a hot wire cutter and an extendable scalpel. I then set about creating the hundred or so wooden planks to cover the hull of the boat, painting and carving an exaggerated wooden texture in to each one.  These were glued to the foam frame, along with a balsa bow and cabin, and polished with a natural wood wax. Finally, I aged the boat with tiny barnacles and mossy fibres.


To create the slightly translucent quality of stretched animal skin for the sail,  I wet and peeled away the layers of a thick paper and coated both sides of this with PVA glue, before stitching this material around a wooden frame and attaching it to a small mast on the cabin roof.