To make the ice cave look more lived in, I crafted a variety of homely objects that Tootega - the FishWitch - could have collected:


THE BEDDING - Creating the scratchy brown bedding involved discolouring fur fabric with ink, matting it with PVA glue and hairspray, and then introducing new fur through holes in the now mangey material. To make the polar bear version, I cut out a polar bear shape, stitching around it to create a more uneven edge, before carrying out a similar sequence of destruction.  I sculpted miniature claws from Sculpey and sewed them in to the paws to add a realistic detail. 


THE CANDLES*, SHELL PLATES AND BOTTLES - Sculpted from Sculpey and painted with Rosco paints, these small objects were quite straightforward. For the shell candle, I filled the shell partially with untinted resin to give the impression of whale blubber. 


THE SEAWEED- To give this prop more flexibility, so that it could be draped on or around ice shelves as needed, I created wire seaweed skeletons and covered them in masking tape. In this way, the seaweed could still look suitably delicate without actually being so. These were then painted with Rosco paints and made slimy with patches of glaze. 


*The normal candles and the seaweed were cleverly painted by DeNi Santana - see her work and more at or